Of all the inhabitants of the inferno, none but Lucifer knows that hell is hell, and the secret function of purgatory is to make of heaven an effective reality.
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 Law and Order

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PostSubject: Law and Order   Law and Order I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 12, 2009 12:32 am

• You absolutely must post a character profile before roleplaying. Furthermore, any admin has the right to deny your character if we feel it's inappropriate for the setting.

• Use proper punctuation and no shorthand. If you're involved in a thread, please be attentive and post as often as you can. If you think you're going to be holding people up, don't bother posting or make it short and sweet. If you're suddenly going to be absent for a few days, make sure you remove your character from the situation OR let your partner(s) know you won't be around. Additionally, informing a mod of your absence would be appreciated.

• Messages in the roleplay are written in third person!!

• Quality > quantity, but you should at least have two paragraphs for each post.

• No power-playing. Your character might be powerful and all, but don't push it. This includes forcing another person to do what you want/otherwise controlling another's character. Don't take advantage of anyone else (without permission).

• If you want to have a private roleplay session with someone, be sure to specify at the top of your post. Private ≠ explicit.

• Building relationships is fine. Platonic or otherwise. If you're going to be graphic, take it somewhere private. We're all adults(?) and all of that, but reading that kinda crap is tacky. Being vulgar otherwise (pottymouth) is fine.

• If your character has a problem with another, that sort of thing shouldn't be dragged to OOC. You aren't disliked OOC due to an IC problem and vice versa.

• You can have more than one character. There isn't a limit, but be conscious of what you can handle. You're not going to be given special treatment for taking on additional roles.

• Save yourself from looking like an ass. Before jumping into a thread, make sure you've read all about the characters you're about to mingle with and the situation you're about to enter. If you're confused about something and it's not written in the character's profile, PM the player about it.

Things to know
Sheol's tasks compromise what humans are lead to believe occurs in heaven. This is where the 'worker' angels come from (arch, seraphs), among other things. Heaven and hell are more like retirement homes (hell being the least desirable of the two, the cheap one?).

Eggs can be found throughout Sheol. This is how new souls come to exist. They belong to no one, and must be fostered by someone if they hope to hatch. The time it takes for an egg to hatch varies.

Can work! This works the same way it does on the 'living' plane. However, it's rare and the children will be obliged to take on exclusive duties, ie: THIS is where the archangels, seraphs, cherubims, scribes, etc. That being said, most people in Sheol are impotent.

Spirits don't need to consume things such as food or drink, a lot of the time it's ceremonial or recreational. However, sustenance is indigenous on Sheol from fruit trees and various other plants. Anything necessary to live can be found in the air.

Doesn't exist. The spirits are usually carefree of worldly desires. Material items can be obtained from the living plane if needed.

Residential Area
The mountain that makes up the city of Sheol is assembled into separate layers, the upper areas containing the overseers and nobles whereas the lower layers contain the iniquitous spirits with everything in between. Castles, fortresses, and palaces can be found in the topmost layer. The emperor and his underlings live here. A layer or so down is where the nobles such as the gatekeepers and sentinels reside, living in solitary yet handsome homes. The middle region is where the common spirits reside. They exist in homes ranging from mansions to shacks and cabins. The final layers, however, are located in the lowest regions of the mountain. They are made of dungeons and cave-like chambers. The inhabitants of this region are constantly watched by a legion of guards.

Is similar to a dictatorship. The highest peak of Sheol is occupied only by Esme, Othello, guards and anyone working directly beneath or with them. Random invitations are seldom.

Can be found just about everywhere. If you're wingless, you can obviously use a pet for travel. In the event of an emergency, large reptilian creatures may be summoned. Said creatures have structures that bear a resemblance to the arch of triumph on their backs and have very thin legs. They stand over 200ft tall and have horse-like tails and spiraling horns.

All creatures are invisible to Earth-dwelling humans, unless your character has a 100% human form. Psychics and other spiritually-inclined humans are exempt of this.
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Law and Order
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