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 spaces to fill

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PostSubject: Re: spaces to fill   Mon Jan 04, 2010 10:42 pm

He reached over once Yui conveyed that she understood, and a thumb brushed across her lower-lip. Like the kiss had smudged her lipstick, though she had none on. He was obviously trying to have a momentous affect on her; it may have been just a kiss, but to her..he didn't know. She looked blatantly uncomfortable to him and she didn't snap at him with anything, so he must have left a mark.

"Good, then." He responded to her gesture, drew his hand from her face and motioned towards the exit of his room. "Go get changed. I have to take care of things on Earth, but I expect you to be here when I return. Immaculate." His eyes were locked onto hers all the while, whether or not she returned a gaze was irrelevant. He didn't give her any details about when he would return exactly, so that she'd (hopefully) remain in his room the entire day. He would eventually assign her to a room of her own, when he had the time, but until then she should have no problem sharing with him.

It was important that she stayed put, because he didn't fully understand just how stupid she could be. He couldn't have her running about like a wild beast all the time. Everything was about poise.
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PostSubject: Re: spaces to fill   Tue Jan 05, 2010 4:54 am

She didn't quite understand what just happened and why. He was scolding her a minute ago and now he kissed her? She may have been wrong, but weren't kisses supposed to be like a reward rather than a punishment? She knew that kisses went on between two people who liked each other, but she doubted that her owner liked her that way. He didn't act the part, well, aside from kissing her. It was all so confusing!

Her head tilted, shying away from his hand as he brushed a thumb against her lip. She couldn't look at him anymore, at least not for another few hours. She was glad to hear that he had business to attend to and whatnot, wanting as much possible time to recover from this strange and awkward incident. Not to mention his immaculate comment went completely over her head. However, she got the gist of what he was trying to say and that was all that really mattered. "Ok." She mumbled.

She did as commanded and exited the room in search for a change of clothes. She wasn't sure where she'd be able to find any clothes, but being immediately intercepted by a pair of guards probably helped her in the long run. All she had to do was tell them what she needed and they'd tell her..or take her where she needed to go.
However, the thought of staying in one room the entire day was beyond boring. Might as well throw her in a prison cell with one those magical-prevention collars around her neck.
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PostSubject: Re: spaces to fill   Fri Jan 08, 2010 10:24 pm

He waited for some time, and only after he was certain Esme departed for Earth did he decide it was time he did the same. He had his own business to go about with, and Esme didn't need him to distract her from her own needs. He informed a guard to deliver a message to her for when she returned; a simple goodbye and something suggesting he would stop by soon enough once again. He hadn't seen any sign of her pet anywhere unfortunately, so he wasn't serving any purpose hanging around.

Whether or not he would return soon was up in the air, but she probably would assume as much. With him, plans were never set in stone which cost him quite a lot of friends, but the ones who understood were the ones worth keeping. He would make a sincere effort to return again though, in the near future as opposed to the distant one. He was looking forward to meeting her little imp; perhaps he could even offer some advice to him. He still thought the gryphon was a bit too mischievous despite not meeting yet him, but he really couldn't be blamed.
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PostSubject: Re: spaces to fill   

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spaces to fill
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